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Pool Opening

We will remove the winter cover, re-install ladders, hand-rails & diving boards. We will start and test your filter system & heater if installed. Customer will be advised in advance of any repairs that may be required to either the pool or the filter system. The pool water will be tested & client will be advised of which chemicals will be needed in order to balance the water properly. Once approved by client, the chemicals will be added at an additional charge. Pool Vacuuming is also available for an additional hourly charge.

Pool Closing

When the time comes for your pool to go into hibernation there are different procedures performed depending on each pool's design. For most in-ground pools we start by removing the hand-rails, ladders & diving board. We then blow out the skimmer & return lines and immediately plug them. The skimmer lines get a pool safe anti-freeze. A winterizing chemical is added directly to the pool water for an easy start up the following year. If you have a heater installed, we blow that out as well to ensure no water is left to freeze inside over the winter. Once the above is complete, we put the cover on the pool & make any necessary adjustments to ensure safety & security. 
Most above ground pools do not require any lines blown out; however, if required we will do so at no extra charge. Above ground pool systems will usually be broken down & stored where the client desires whether that be a safe shed or garage.
Spas are drained and lines are blown out to protect its plumbing.

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